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Hilda Loe Associates Pte Ltd
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Corporate Office:
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When you need specialised services for your clients, we're here to help when the unusual, the unexpected or the unwelcome challenge confronts you. With our global network we can reach out into any region of the world to bring you the solutions, the support or the connections that you need to get the job done.

Bank Introductions

In a world full of banks, there are very few that combine stability, convenience and privacy. In fact, there are almost none. We not only know who they are, we have relationships with them and can introduce you to them so that you can take advantage of their services. .

Offshore Incorporation

The benefits of forming a company offshore may be far more than you realize. There are many legitimate purposes for such companies, not the least of which is escaping the overload of government paperwork that drives up costs without providing any benefits to customers.

Account Administration

When several individuals or organisations collaborate on a project with a single paymaster, we keep things straight, transparently administering the monies so that everyone knows at all times what monies were received and where they were disbursed. Proven valuable for syndicated loans that are repaid over time, the approach can be applied to any situation where complete transparency at all times is important to making a project viable.

Virtual Offices

When your clients need an office abroad, a virtual office in Singapore may be the answer to their need. . Whether your clients need a physical office, telephone or fax service or any other form or presence.

Ship Registrations

A yacht is the ultimate refuge from the office. Whether purchased new or used, the vessel must be registered and not all flags are created equal. Irrespective of where a boat may be located or the nationality of its owner, we can arrange to register it in the British registry.

Secretarial & Bookkeeping Services

A company secretary and/or bookkeeper are often essential for managing the day-to-day operations of an offshore company, particularly if the company is going to be actively engaged in business and is more than a holding company.


If you are a lawyer, accountant , tax advisor or financial consultant and require services for your clients,
please contact us for further options.

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