Hilda Loe Associates Pte Ltd is a one-stop service provider offering offshore company formations, nominee services, bank introductions, yacht registration, virtual office, statutory and regulatory compliance management, secretarial and bookkeeping services.


Our company was founded by Ms. Hilda Loe in 2002, the firm started with just offshore company formations, offering clients options to establish an efficient structure for tax purposes, for international business, investment purposes, or provide an additional layer of privacy to their business operations.  Over the years Ms. Loe had learned that if they are used wisely and structured correctly, offshore companies can be good vehicles for future investments as they help mitigate tax expense while complying with local laws. It was evident that there was a demand for such services waiting to be filled.


In the course of time, our offerings expanded so that we now offer Singapore company formation as well as offshore company formation services in six primary offshore business locations: the British Virgin Islands (Caribbean), Samoa (South Pacific), Marshall Islands (Pacific), Seychelles (Indian Ocean), Delaware (USA) and Hong Kong (Asia). For those customers with specific needs we can provide the same service for many other countries.


As our client base grew, we began to offer add-on services such as bank introduction services, statutory and regulatory compliance management, company secretary and account services for the convenience of our clients. Over the years, we have established good relationships with overseas and local banks and we provide preliminary due diligence for our clients which simplifies the development of bank relationships– an important step which all of our partners appreciate.


We currently have professional business relationships with banks in Singapore, Hong Kong, Labuan, Switzerland, Austria, Latvia, Mauritius, British Virgin Islands, Belize and Saint Vincent & the Grenadines.


Complementing this, we also provide virtual office services for our clients whereby they provide a local mail drop address for their clients to receive letters in Singapore and Hong Kong.


In 2006, we first ventured into private yacht registrations in Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey and British Virgin Islands. By early 2010, we began working with the Maritime Cook Islands and within the same year, Ms. Loe was appointed as the Registrar for the Cook Islands in Singapore. Our firm has since become well known for handling all private yacht registrations with speed and efficiency in the Asian region.


We pride ourselves on being prompt in our services and providing substantive answers to all queries within twenty-four hours. Our clients are professionals who don’t tolerate delays and can’t afford complications. They know that they can count on us to deliver, even in complex and rushed situations.



If you are a lawyer, accountant , tax advisor or financial consultant and require services for your clients, please contact us for further options.


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