Bookkeeping & Accounting


Prices in SGD       


Fees - All Jurisdictions
Monthly ChargeQuarterly ChargeAnnual Charge
PlanTransactions/Mo.SGDPrinting CostSGDPrinting CostSGDPrinting Cost
A10 or Fewer$125$20$325$25$850$50
E101 & Aboveemail for quoteemail for quoteemail for quote
FRS Compilation, XBRL Preparation & Filing and Tax Computation for Singapore Company
FRS CompilationXRBLTax ComputationPrinting
Dormant Company$550
for dormant bookkeeping &
FRS compilation
for tax waiver
Trading Company
Subject to number of transactions and turnover.
$750 and up$450$550
and up
and up


Striking Off a Singapore Company
Fees (SGD)$750
Criteria for striking off:
  1. The company has ceased business operations.
  2. If GST registered, the company has cancelled GST status with IRAS.
  3. The company has cancelled all bank accounts.
  4. The company has no court proceedings within or without Singapore.
  5. The company has no property assets and creditor liabilities.
  6. The company owes no debts on taxation to IRAS
  7. The company has no outstanding ACRA summons by any officer.
  8. The company is not indebted to any other government department.
  9. The company has no unsettled ACRA summons.
  10. The company has the same records of strike-off application as ACRA
  11. The company has no outstanding mortgage charges in ACRA records.
  12. The company has consent in writing to the striking off by all directors and majority shareholders

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