Secretarial and Bookkeeping Services




In many onshore and offshore jurisdictions, appointing a Company Secretary is a statutory requirement. The Company Secretary’s role is to perform a variety of tasks that are crucial to the smooth running of the company, which includes ensuring that the company's statutory obligations are complied with. With increased public and political concern about governance, ethics, probity, accountability and good practice, it is important that the Company Secretary’s knowledge is continuously updated with the appropriate jurisdictions’ legislation, regulations and best practice in order to ensure compliance.


In many instances, the job of Company Secretary may also include the management of administrative matters, including possibly the accounting function, and liaising with other external professional advisers such as auditors and lawyers.


Keeping up with company requirements can be a time consuming and labor intensive process for company directors. For example: government forms and board resolutions must be complete and there exist penalties for failing to file these documents or for filing them too late. We can provide company secretarial services over a number of jurisdictions to ensure that these important statutory requirements are fulfilled, leaving the day to day running of the company to the directors.


As your Company Secretary, we will prepare documents in respect of changes to your onshore and offshore company structure as and when they occur. Such matters will include allotment of shares, transfer of shares, appointments and resignations of officers, standard resolutions and liaison with the Registry of Companies etc. Bookkeeping, accounting support and external liaison services can be added to our standard Company Secretary package after we understand the scope of work required.


Depending on each jurisdiction’s law, regulation, the organisation's constitution and codes of practice, our Company Secretarial package starts from USD 350 per year.







Every Business Must Perform Accounting.


Like it or not every business must account for profit and loss, expenses, payroll, inventory, payables and receivables. Even in the best of times, poor accounting practices can lead to eventual financial ruin. Good accounting practices become even more crucial during economic downturns when even small errors can put you out of business.


Business is getting more complex. At the same time individuals are becoming progressively less able to properly handle their money because they do not have the training or the personality for dealing with the growing complexity of financial record keeping. Lacking time or inclination, entrepreneurs and growing businesses often need help with their financial housekeeping despite the availability of easy-to-use accounting software.


What's more, most businesspersons want to focus on growing their business, not on figuring how to use the accounting software, on calculating their payroll, on sorting out their debits forms their credits, on putting together Profit and Loss statements, on administering multiple bank accounts or handling the many other bookkeeping processes and accounting reports which are time consuming, important to keep up with and do nothing to generate income for their company.


For Singaporean companies, it is a statutory requirement to keep accounts, file compilation or audited reports, compute and file tax for each financial year end. Penalty and court summons apply for late filing and it is the duty of the Director to ensure these are done on a timely manner.


Thinking of outsourcing? Our company can provide you with skilled bookkeeping staff supervised by qualified accountants and CPA’s. Our bookkeeping services are designed to meet your various accounting needs as your business grows. Our goal is to remove you from the hassles of dealing with accounting details by providing a cost effective alternative to maintaining your own internal accounting staff.


As our client, you will have a dedicated Account Manager, and access to him or her by email, fax or phone. We will agree to the scope of work, a timetable and deadlines with you, and adhere to them. Should more specialised work is required, they will be undertaken by people with the necessary skills and experience.


Our bookkeeping and accounting service for companies in any jurisdictions starts from SGD 125 per month.


Our fees for FRS compilation, XBRL preparation & filing and tax computation for Singaporean company starts from SGD 550 per financial period.



If you are a lawyer, accountant , tax advisor or financial consultant and require services for your clients, please contact us for further options.


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