Trademark Services and Price


For all services listed below ,unless otherwise stated, including the necessary government fees.
SGD 1,300/class
You may determine which class or classes you wish to cover here

Obtaining trademark protection requires attention to detail and good communications. In the day-to-day bustle of building a business it is easy to let something such as a trademark, which is critically important but not critically urgent slide down to the bottom of your in basket. Once we are on the job, it stays at the top of our mind and we give you the comfort of knowing that we won't let you ignore the situation if problems arise.


Business Day One

Payment received/cheque clears.


Business Days One through Three

  • • We will conduct the searches and generate specifications for your specified trademark class(es) to be filed.
  • • We obtain verification and clearance from you prior to filing.
  • • We file the application for trademark / design registration with IPOS
  • • IPOS acknowledges trademark application with the Trademark Application Number.
  • • We provide you with the Trademark Application Number for your file.


Note: Design application acknowledgement takes about one month from the application filing; regular trademarks fall within the three day window.

In general the following types of designs can be registered:

  • • Logos
  • • Product designs
  • • A design for your product’s label or packaging, if it helps to identify the source of the product in the package (like the contour Coke bottle)
  • • Color schemes, if they identify your product and distinguish it from competitors


During the waiting period the applicant able to place a on the trademark once the trademark has been filed. (This will be replaced by ® once the registration is complete.)


During the following two to nine months:

  • Stage One IPOS carries out cross-examination on trademark in accordance to Trade Mark Act. If required, Trademark Office will seek clarifications and if necessary, amendments to rectify or re-file the case as deemed via additional costs. We will act as your intermediary to ensure you don't unintentionally ignore their questions.
  • Stage Two Upon successful completion of the Examination Stage by IPOS, the trademark application goes into the Publication Stage. The trademark is published in Trademark Journal that can be accessed by any member of public for opposition to the use of the mark. If opposed, appropriate responses/legal actions have to be taken by the applicant. (The responding to opposition or legal action is outside the scope of our quoted fee.)
  • Stage Three If no opposition is received, there is successful registration of trademark. A Certificate of Registration will be generated by IPOS that will be valid for ten years. The certificate will be emailed to you.

Important Note!

As the rule of law has become increasingly important in Asian business, the need to cross all your t's and dot all your i's is becoming critically important. Failure to register your trademark leaves you vulnerable to usurpation by unethical persons who make their living out of trademarking the marks of others and then demanding payment from them so that the victims can use the trademarks that they thought were their own.


Don't allow yourself to be caught in this expensive trap.  Contact us now for further information or to get started on your application.


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