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Irrespective of the business you engage in, a trademark can act as more than just an identifier for your company; it can help generate sales for years to come. Trademark registration can protect your slogan, phrase, word, company name, logo, or a design that identifies your company and/or its goods. Your logo is a symbol or a design your company uses and may be covered by trademark protection laws. Companies often apply for trademark protection for their logos. When registered, the trademark disallows others from using an exact or similar mark.

Trademark Classes
Your trademark will cover class(es) of products and/or service that you specify. It is necessary when making application that you know which it is that you want included for that will affect both your protection and your cost. We have provided a reference to the to the classes here.


A few companies have made the mistake of attempting to get by without registering their trademarks and simply place a ® sign after their trademark, hoping that will scare off any potential user of the trademark. Unfortunately, if they are found out in Singapore, they are liable up to S$100,000 in fines and up to five years in jail. And for taking such a big risk, they potentially get no payback; their competition could register the trademark AND notify the authorities of the misuse of the ® mark.


Unfortunately, being registered in another country provides no protection for your trademark in Singapore. Furthermore, it does not protect you from potential fine and imprisonment for using the ® mark.


It is possible to gain protection for your trademark without registering it, but the cost of doing so is likely to far outstrip any costs associated with registering trademark. If you wish to do so, you'll need to build up years of building brand loyalty and then be prepared to spend profligately in court to obtain the same protection you could have obtained simply by doing it right in the first place. There is no downside to getting the protection that Trademark Registration provides to you and there is a great deal of upside.



Some trademark benefits

  1. Adds to your company's IP and value.
  2. Registration ensures that you can safely use your trademark without worrying about any unintentional infringement on third party’s trademark.
  3. A Trademark Certificate is the best proof of your claim on the mark. This can eliminate or minimize legal conflicts over the use of the trademark.
  4. Registration enables lawful use of ® next to your trademark.
  5. Registration blocks other people from registering an identical trademark on your specified goods. (See the box on Trademark Classes above)
  6. Registration gives you a good ground to oppose any attempt by your competitors to register a confusingly similar mark.
  7. A Registered trademark is an essential preliminary to expanding your business by franchising.
  8. Registration empowers you to take legal action against counterfeiters.
  9. A Registered trademark is a corporate asset which is useful when making valuation of your company in M&A or IPO situations.

    Professional Registration: Quick & Inexpensive

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Important Note!

As the rule of law has become increasingly important in Asian business, the need to cross all your t's and dot all your i's is becoming critically important. Failure to register your trademark leaves you vulnerable to usurpation by unethical persons who make their living out of trademarking the marks of others and then demanding payment from them so that they can use the trademarks that they thought were their own.


Don't allow yourself to be caught in this expensive trap.  Contact us now for further information or to get started on your application.


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