Hilda Loe Associates is pleased to offer clients the opportunity to register their private and commercial yachts in the Cook Islands. Our services include but are not limited to new vessel registration, change of ownership registration, changes of vessel name, mortgage registration, mortgage release registration, annual renewals, obtaining of Transcript of Registry and more.


Both private and commercial yacht registration processes are designed to be as quick, simple and user friendly as possible whilst ensuring that the requirements of the Cook Islands Maritime Legislation and IMO Conventions to which Cook Islands is a party are complied with and that owners and mortgagee's interests are protected.


Hilda Loe is the Deputy Registrar (Yachts) for Singapore and Thailand and is authorized to access the Cook Islands Online Registry MARCI Ship Registry Management Solution - the web enabled Ship Register, to find and update information about Cook Islands registered ships and yachts, process applications, generate and issue certificates. This means that applications such as a provisional certificate can be issued within 1-2 business days upon receipt of required documents from the owner.


Advantages of the Cook Islands Ship Registration:

  • Cook Islands have a stable democratic government with a legal system based on English law. It is a leading Pacific Small Island State and is often upheld as a role model.
  • Cook Islands is an International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Member State and is party to all major IMO Conventions.
  • Cook Islands' national maritime legislation, including the Ship Registration Act 2007 and Maritime Transport Act 2008 reflects the most modern standards, enabling the Registry to give full and complete effect to IMO legislation.
  • Maritime Cook Islands (MCI) enforces IMO Conventions, Codes and Rules to ensure that ships registered in Cook Islands are in compliance and will not be targeted by Port State Control because of the Flag.
  • MCI does not impose additional requirements on ship-owners beyond the requirements of the IMO conventions to which Cook Islands is party.
  • Ownership requirements for the Cook Islands are easily met by joining the Cook Islands Yacht Squadron (CIYS) - cost effective and hassle-free. No need to form a Cook Islands Company or be a citizen of Cook Islands.
  • Cook Islands has appointed IACS Classification Societies and a few others as Recognized Organizations and maintains a global network of Flag State Surveyors.
  • MCI's vessel registration, documentation, and mortgage recording procedures are designed to be simple yet comprehensive making it as user friendly as possible, whilst ensuring that vessels are compliant and owners and mortgagees' interests are protected.
  • MCI issues Endorsement Acknowledgments the same day it receives the scanned application, with required documents, by e-mail. The acknowledgment is valid for 3 months.
  • Bare boat Chartering is allowed, both in and out.
  • No requirements regarding nationality of crew.


The Cook Islands Offshore Jurisdiction has been established for over 25 years and much of its offshore legislation is the model on which others are based.


You may find more information on the minimum safety requirements by referring to the Small Yacht Code 4.0, here.




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